There’s an awakening happening among many restaurant and bar managers. That awakening plays out something like this: I manage a busy restaurant and people from around the community love to come here…this is the local watering hole! So how can I take advantage of this position and, at the same time, make my restaurant even better?

New source of ad revenue + more sales

Part of the answer for Scott Smith came in the form of a new technology: community-based digital signage. Scott, who runs multiple bars including the Port Credit Pump, began using ScreenScape to deliver his own hyper-local, custom-branded form of media to his clientele. That decision has now blossomed into a value-added service that helps him sell more food and drink specials (4x increase in some cases) and also tap into the demand for local advertising opportunities that, with the help of screen display, his busy bar can satisfy. Scott’s business is now pocketing, on average, more than $2,000 per month in found revenue just for displaying local advertising on his screens.

In this case study Scott tells of his experience with the community-oriented digital signage solution that is ScreenScape.

If you’d like to advertise on the screens at the Port Credit Pump or the Clarkson Pump, visit the PumpTV website.