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Organize your media items using tags in ScreenScape digital signage

Organizing your Media Using ScreenScape Tags

Imagine a landscape of hundreds of screens powered by hundreds of unique playlists, with current and past programming consisting of thousands of images, videos and other media items. Managing a large scale digital signage network can be challenging if you don’t have the right software in place to manage it effectively. ScreenScape Tags provide a simple way to organize your Media, Playlists or Hardware items quickly and efficiently. You can think of a ScreenScape tag as a collection or folder for your items. You can assign a tag to multiple items at once to make it easy to locate them in your library later on.

an image showing how tags work in ScreenScape digital signageAssigning a tag to any item within your ScreenScape account is easy. Simply select the item(s) that you’d like to tag. Once selected, a blue selection tray will appear at the top of the application. Inside the selection tray, you will find the tag icon. When you click on this icon, a sliding selection tray will appear on the right side of the app. Here you can assign as many tags as you’d like to subcategorize the item in question.

Once you’ve decided what tags you’d like to assign to a specific item, type in your tag name in the Add tag text field. When you are finished, press the Enter key on your keyboard. Once you’ve added all of your desired tags, just click the UPDATE link at the bottom of the selection tray.

That’s it! Now you can search for those specific items by searching via tag in the search bar at the top of the ScreenScape app.

an image of searching a playlist in screenscape

Check out our quick tutorial video below where we assign a tag to a selection of our hardware. For more information check out the step by step article on our help portal.