Is there something that you’d like to see added to ScreenScape? If the answer is yes, then we’d like to hear from you! We know that everyone has great ideas and so we’ve created a place where we can collect your feedback and then act on it.

Introducing, a simple platform where ideas can be submitted, viewed, and voted on by the ScreenScape community.

Submitting Your Ideas


To get started, navigate to and create a new user account. To sign up, click on the Log in / Sign up link on the left hand side of the page. Then, put in your email address and create a password. That’s it!

Once you’re ready to submit your new idea, click on the Add a new idea button in the top left corner.

Begin by giving a brief, one sentence summary of your idea. Next, you can provide a little more detail about your idea. Although these extra details are optional, they are very helpful for the ScreenScape product team, so the more information you can provide, the better. Lastly, you’ll want to choose a category for your idea (E.g Hardware, Media, Playlists etc.) If you have any examples or attachments that you’d like to send us then you can add them here as well. Once you’re finished, just click on Share idea to submit.

Voting For Ideas


On the Ideas Home page you can see a list of all ideas that have been submitted over time, including your own. It is here that you’ll want to cast your vote for the ideas that are most important to you. So take some time and review all of the great idea submissions and then click on the VOTE button to cast your vote. The ideas that receive the highest number of votes will be considered first by our product team. If your idea is chosen for implementation then you’ll receive an email from our Product Team. You can then track the status of the project along the way, right up to the point that it is shipped to the ScreenScape application.