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Introducing the ‘Infotainment’ collection

Today ScreenScape is happy to introduce a template collection called ‘Infotainment’. This collection will be shared with all ScreenScape members free of charge.

ScreeScape Digital Signage - Infotainment Collection

This collection’s goal is to make ScreenScape displays more interesting to watch. Many of our members want to keep their audiences engaged with ever-changing playlists, but are challenged by time constraints and limited budgets. The weather and news won’t cut it: their playlists are in danger of becoming (!) boring. Over time, this trains audiences to stop watching. ScreenScape’s complimentary Infotainment option offers a no-cost, low-effort and high-return solution.

ScreenScape Digital Signage - Famous Quotes Infotainment Collection

In addition to the simple entertainment value, engaged audiences are more likely to retain higher value information. Infotainment items are usually mixed with other messages, such as ads and educational content. They catch the eye and help retain attention. This technique works especially well in venues with extended dwell times.

Infotainment trains the audience to keep coming back to the screens, looking for the next bit of entertainment. As a side effect, they are more likely catch and retain the ‘real’ messages delivered before and after. Display operators with even the simplest of content loops (a single ad, call to action, menu or logo) can achieve higher levels of audience engagement using Infotainment.

“Infotainment trains the audience to keep coming back”

To create an Infotainment item, just select it, save it and forget it. There is no user data to enter and nothing to refresh over time. The item will automatically rotate through a random selection of items designed to keep audiences engaged. Several items can be combined together, either back to back or by setting daily and weekly schedules (e.g. Music trivia Mondays, Film trivia Fridays).

Infotainment categories include:

Trivia infotainment is presented in an animated 30 second format. Categories include Film, Food and Drink, Literature, Science, Geography, General and Music. Questions are geared to a universal audience with general knowledge and span a range of difficulty levels and demographic interest. The presentation is simple, colourful and iconic, designed to work with the maximum number of screen designs.

Famous Quotes range across a variety of wise, silly or insightful quotes from luminaries throughout history. The 20 second animated text format is backed by moving images that grab the eye.

ScreenScape Digital Signage - Pop Quiz Infotainment Collection

Pop Quiz (originally introduced earlier this year) provides a question and answer format with a longer duration [1:20]. 5 questions are presented in sequence, supported by glossy animation and high resolution imagery.

If you like what you see, let us know your ideas for new Infotainment categories: “Did you know?”, “Travelogue”,, “Fun Facts”, “Brain Teasers”, “Sports Trivia” … the sky’s the limit!

ScreenScape Digital Signage - Select an Infotainment option screen

Select an Infotainment option