ScreenScape 4.0 brings a new release of ScreenManager, our content management system. The latest release introduces:

  • Performance and scalability improvements
  • ‘Content Tags’ for Venues and Content members
  • A new, faster Map
  • A power user interface for Content Sharing
  • Improved layout – larger viewing areas and consistent screen design

What does this mean for ScreenScape users?

  • Drag and Drop publishing from playlists (new for Venues and Content members)
  • Easier to organize content
  • Snappier performance
  • Many small-but-mighty time saving UI improvements

A Revamped User Interface



The Create tab has a new Content Tags column, a larger item list and preview area, and contextual details about each item (‘Share to’ and ‘Published to’ info).


Publish (for Venues)

Publish for Venues has a new Content Tags column and a new playlist area. Venues can now publish ordered playlists directly from tags.



The Community has been completely revamped. Changes include:


  • A new Map using a new technology for smoother performance and faster filter searches. The new Map also features a larger viewing area, a new member filtering tool and a new geo-search bar.
  • A new Share UI has been created following the design patterns established by Group Publish. It replaces the old 2-screen Content / Member lists.
  • Users can now drag and drop content to members for Sharing, in the same way they do for Publishing.
  • Content Tags have been introduced, so that users can employ a simple drag and drop action to share large collections of content items to large collections of members




The Track tab has been simplified, with the removal of the right hand panel. (It used to show user account info, which added screen clutter without a lot of value.)




The queries behind Control have been revamped for faster and more scalable performance. Member tags have been introduced to simplify monitoring of sub-groups and specific accounts, and a Search bar has been added for large groups. Actions have been renamed and re-organized for legibility.


Performance and scalability

Many of the improvements in this release are under the radar scalability improvements. (Scalability is a measure how well our internal systems can perform under high use and growth conditions.) Great performance is something we expect our users to take for granted – but it takes a lot of behind the scenes work to get there.


Examples of scalability questions are:

  • How efficiently can the system process large scale requests from our users?
  • How long will it take to run a ‘normal’ search? How big is a query result set allowed to be?
  • What happens when 1000 users log on at the same time? What happens if they all request a lot of data at the same time?
  • How will shared parts of the application, like the Community, perform under the heaviest of loads?
  • How many items can be published or shared at one time? To how many users?

To prepare for future growth of the system, new capabilities have been added to ScreenManager such as:

  • A redesigned Search interface
  • Asynchronous publishing / sharing and queueing of requests
  • Efficient search queries and paging of search results

While scalability improvements often may not make headlines, they keep the system humming and our users productive, while ensuring ScreenScape’s customers are prepared for future growth.

What’s next?

Hot off the tail of ScreenScape 4.0 will be a new release of Smart Player for Windows. The new version will have new Setup UI and several network connectivity improvements. Stay tuned!

Customer Support

Be sure to check out our updated support articles. They will help guide you through the new software version and highlight some of the exciting updates that have been made to content creation, content tagging and content sharing. If you have any questions about the new software version don’t hesitate to contact support.