An ‘embed’ is a code snippet provided by another web property, like an app or a web site. You’ll also often hear them referred to as ‘embed codes’, ‘widgets’ or ‘html widgets’. The purpose of an embed is to display ‘external’ information on a separate web site.

The Embed App is an integration available in the ScreenScape Media editor. The app adds a single layer to a media item. The layer (technically an iframe) shows the results of an embed code that’s added to the app settings. Usually that layer contains a mix of content – text, images, maybe even video – embedded by a third party web property.

Embeds are particularly useful for default formatting of external content. For example, an embedded Tweet automatically looks familiar – it uses the right brand colors, the right font, a familiar placement of elements, rounding of corners, etc. Embeds are also very useful when the embed updates itself over time. For example, an embed that always shows the latest price of a NYSE stock can be very handy.

Here’s an abbreviated list of some of the (awesome!) things you might do with an embed:

  • Instagram Feed – Display Instagram images in your Media
  • Facebook Feed – Make your Facebook content work in your Media, or highlight specific Comments, Posts, Videos or Pages
  • Twitter Feed – Embed your Twitter feed or customer testimonials from Twitter, or highlight specific Tweets
  • Pinterest Feed – Integrate Pinterest account feeds, Boards or Pins
  • Pricing Tables – Display your prices in a simple and graphic way
  • Countdown Timers – Embed counters and timers to create dynamism and excitement in your media
  • Testimonials – Boost brand trust with bright client testimonials in your Media
  • Sliders – Shape custom photo, video, and banner sliders for your Media
  • Amazon Reviews – Display reviews on your Amazon products
  • Trustpilot Reviews – Uplevel social trust and attract more reviews
  • Facebook Reviews – Display your Facebook reviews
  • TripAdvisor Reviews – Increase your trustworthiness with TripAdvisor reviews
  • Google Reviews – Show your spotless reputation with Google reviews
  • Yelp Reviews – Prove your business positive image with Yelp reviews
  • Airbnb Reviews – Display your Airbnb reviews for higher credibility
  • Weather – Present the Weather in a variety of formats for any location
  • Financial – Show market summaries, tickers and symbol quotes
  • Clocks – Present the time in various formats
  • Event Calendars – Display upcoming events
  • Google Maps – Add Google Maps to your Media
  • Google Calendar – Embed Calendars for meeting rooms, schedules, team members and more
  • Google Sheets / Charts – Embed live charts into your Media
  • Vimeo Gallery – Embed Vimeo videos and channels in your Media
  • YouTube Gallery – Add YouTube channels and videos to your Media
  • Twitch channels – Embed live Twitch channels for a window on the latest online action
  • Photo Galleries – Embed external image collections into your Media

To find out more, check out our Embed FAQ.