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Introducing the Webpage App

Our new Webpage app is an integration app that you can add to any media. It adds a dynamic layer to your media item, similar to how you’d add a clock, the date, or other apps.

What makes Webpage special is that it will display external websites. It acts like a browser window in your media item. When the external website changes, the media item also changes.

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You add a Webpage layer like any other – in the media editor hit (+), select the ‘cloud’ from the speed dial, and select the Webpage app.

You’ll see a new layer added to your media item. Select the layer and hit the settings icon (looks like a round-toothed gear). You enter the URL of your target website and hit ‘Save’. A layer displaying that website will be added to your media. You can resize the new layer just like you would any other.

Will Webpage play my website?

Good question! Not all websites are created equal – some will display flawlessly, others won’t display at all, so buyer beware. The difference comes down to the individual HTML page and its implementation. It is fair to say that Webpage is best suited for those that have access to and can control the underlying web page they are trying to display, as you may have to adjust its look and feel for a proper digital signage experience.  Check out our extensive FAQ for more details.

However, be warned that it’s a very large topic (the World Wide Web!) and the details can get quite complex. Your fastest route might some light experimentation… copy your site’s URL and paste it into a Webpage layer. If you run into trouble come back to our FAQ or call our Support team – we’ll help you to figure out why – and do watch this video tutorial.