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Introducing Three New Small but Mighty Features for ScreenScape Power Users

Recently, we released three small but mighty features designed to assist ScreenScape users that are regularly managing large sets of data. Our aim here is to simplify and streamline the day-to-day tasks that go into managing a digital signage network to save you time and effort while improving the accuracy and clarity of any mass operation you wish to perform. To some extent these features will be useful for all ScreenScape customers, but they should be especially handy for users that are working with large amounts of data, namely the large sets of media, playlists and devices that typically comprise a large scale digital signage network.

Sorting & Pagination

First up is some simple yet mighty Sorting & Pagination enhancements. We have added a handy new sorting and pagination tool to each work area that allows users to quickly arrange their items in an ordered list.

These new sorting and pagination tools give users more control over how they can organize their workspace. For instance, a user can specify the number of items they can see at once in each view, ranging from 25 to 150 items at a time. New sorting options allow for quick sifting of data. The sorting criteria which can be used will vary depending on the object; whether you are sorting media, playlists or devices. The order can quickly be reversed by clicking on the rightmost sort order icon which shows as a numeric symbol for numbered lists, and an alphabetical symbol for non-numeric lists. Sorting and pagination gives users a smarter way to locate and spot patterns in their data. This helps in carefully selecting only the items you wish to act upon. It allows you to perform bulk actions in an efficient manner with greater accuracy. And that leads us to our next small but mighty feature.

Bulk Add/Remove Media

Until recently users of ScreenScape5 dealing with a large digital signage network consisting of hundreds or even thousands of media items may have had to repeat a few steps in order to publish or unpublish media items en masse. We’ve fixed that by giving users new buttons in the selection tray that allows for easy mass publishing and unpublishing of media.

This is the definition of a small but mighty feature. Let me explain how it works. From the Media page, select the pieces of media that you would like to add or remove from a particular playlist or number of playlists. Select the ‘Add to Playlist’ or ‘Remove from Playlist’ option from the actions toolbar. Then select the playlist or playlists that you would like to remove your selected media from. You can do this from within the opened drawer on the right hand side of the page.

It’s important to note that you can also search for specific playlists or playlist tags from within the side drawer. If you wanted to add or remove all of your selected media items from all of your playlists at once, you can easily do so by clicking on the new ‘Select All’ option within the playlist drawer, which happens to be the third and final small but mighty feature we’d like to highlight today.

Select All Items

ScreenScape5 has always offered the ability to select all items on one particular page, but with the introduction of pagination, our users need the ability to select all items even if they span over multiple pages.

To use this feature, click the select all checkbox when viewing any given list. Doing this will select every visible item on the specific page you are currently on. In the actions toolbar, you will now see the number of items that you have selected and also an option to “Select all X number of items.”

In the example below, I have selected all 25 Media items on my page, but I have a total of 54 Media items within my account. I will then just click on the ‘Select all 54 media items’ link. This will select all 54 Media items that are within my account. If I no longer want to select all of my media items I can simply clear my selection.

An image showing the Select All box

There you have it. Three small but mighty features for you power users that are working with large sets of data on a regular basis. We hope these tools can save you time and effort in managing your network while improving the accuracy and clarity of each mass operation you perform.