With Halloween just around the corner, our Fall ‘11 update is set to hit production any day now.

The Fall ‘11 update represents a major milestone, with several significant additions to the ScreenScape service.

Each new season brings a new update for ScreenScape. This autumn is no different, with an update of ScreenScape receiving its final finishing touches as we speak.

The Fall ‘11 update represents a major milestone, with several significant additions to the ScreenScape service:

  • FREE is in the air, with a new simplified member type added to the service that is 100% free.
  • Our user interface has been reinvigorated, with a new look and feel and a bump up in speed and responsiveness.
  • Last but not least, several new tools have been added to the service.


With Community and content sharing at the core of ScreenScape’s value proposition, it’s critical that we help new Members get their content into the Community quickly and easily. ScreenScape members don’t necessarily have a venue, and aren’t required to operate a Display. The one thing all members have in common is that they have a message that they want to share with an audience.

Anyone who advertises in your local newspaper or at your local radio station fits this bill. On ScreenScape, it could be the real estate agent who wants exposure in the mall, a vineyard operator that wants to influence patrons in restaurant lobbies, or a sports equipment distributor who wants screen time at the local sports complex.

For these members, we’ve created the FREE Content Member type. It’s easy for them to join the service, easy to add their promotional images or videos to the Community, and easy for them to get time on our Venue members’ Displays.

What kind of Member are you?

Keen observers will notice is a distinct change in the way we identify the 3 member types using our service. Content Members, Venues and Groups are now identified very explicitly at every step in the application. Whether it’s in the new Home tool, on the Community Map, or in a Member’s Detail page, there’s never any doubt about who’s who:

  • Content Members engage Venue audiences (Free)
  • Venues operate screen displays ($10/mth)
  • Groups coordinate content to many Venues (contact us)

New User Interface

ScreenScape’s online interface has been updated for Fall ‘11, with frosty blue and white tones and a monochrome icon set dominating the look and feel. But aside from the cosmetic, a long list of interactions have been either tweaked or completely revamped, along with improved performance and a powerful new set of tools.

New Tools

SignUp simplified

With a complete redesign of the SignUp process, we’ve made joining ScreenScape simpler and faster. New Members join the service in a single step by completing just 4 basic fields. Every new Member gets immediate free access to the Community and to content creation tools. At that point, these Members can then decide whether or not they want to also operate a Display and join the Community as a Venue.

New Home tool

On logging into Screen Manager members are presented with a new landing page called Home. It provides a starting point for each visit to ScreenScape, giving a quick snapshot of the Member’s profile (Profile Summary), interesting happenings and hints from ScreenScape (What’s New), and a summary view of their latest Analytics data.

New Content tool

With the addiition of the free Content Member, we needed a new interface to Add Content to the service that didn’t rely on having a member having access to a Display. As a result we now have the Content tool for Members and Group accounts. Venue members retain the familiar Display tool, and get the Content tool in addition. Group members (and any Member who generates a lot of Content) will be happy to find the mass Actions capabilities in the new tool.

Revamped Analytics

Our Members generate a LOT of data. It’s an ongoing challenge at ScreenScape to keep that data tidy, and serve it back up to our membership in the most useful ways possible. To that end, the old Reporting tool has been revamped, updated and renamed Analytics. The new Analytics tool delivers playback data in a new graphical format that’s easy to digest for newcomers, while retaining the familiar grid format for our experienced Members.

Test Drive R.I.P.

Like summer, all good things come to an end, and so it is with Test Drive in the Fall ‘11 update. This tool was used by prospective ScreenScape members and observers as a “one click” intro to the features and functionality of our service. With the simplified signup process, free Content Memberships, and our free trial offer for Venues, Test Drive has outlived its season in the sun. Test Drive – R.I.P.

Questions? Feedback?

There’s a lot to digest in this seasonal update – we hope you enjoy the harvest! If you have feedback, questions or concerns, please drop us a line. We’re always glad to hear from you.

– the ScreenScape Product team