ScreenScape is thrilled to be supporting and participating in Foursquare Day again this year.

If you have ever been to a Meetup or a Tweetup…you may already know what Foursquare Day is all about. In 2010 the New York City location-based marketing service, Foursquare, officially declared April 16 “Foursquare Day” after a grass-roots movement that began in Tampa, Florida gained traction and eventually spread to hundreds of cities throughout the world. Foursquare Day is now a global social media holiday celebrated every April 16th. If you live in a major metropolitan area chances are there’s a progressive restaurant or bar in your area that is hosting a Foursquare party. Here are a few of the best online resources to learn more:

As an online service for engaging audiences inside real world places ScreenScape is a natural complement to location-based marketing services like Foursquare. Using ScreenScape the manager of a venue such as a restaurant, a bar, or a hotel, can use a digital display to promote Foursquare check-ins and offer specials to patrons.

Last year ScreenScape was called upon by the organizers of Foursquare Day, working in concert with Chris Thompson of, to power digital displays inside participating venues. With only a few days to prepare more than a dozen sites celebrating Foursquare Day quickly signed up for ScreenScape, connected to the Foursquare Day Group, and were instantly joined in a global link up, a simulcast, that added a major visual component to each Foursquare Day celebration around the world.

We had so much fun we’re doing it again! Once again we’re offering venues participating in Foursquare Day an extended free trial of ScreenScape (a Venue Account) that will allow you to operate your own display on Foursquare Day.

Why might I want to use ScreenScape on Foursquare Day?

ScreenScape displays make it easy for venues participating in Foursquare Day to encourage and acknowledge Foursquare check-ins as they happen. It makes it easy to post real time images —snapshots of Foursquare Day revelry—to screens in real time. It makes it easy to display twitter posts live to screen. It makes it easy to post YouTube videos (or channels). These are just a few of the many features of ScreenScape that you might use on Foursquare Day.

Don’t forget to sign up to the Foursquare Day Group on ScreenScape!

Don’t just sign up for ScreenScape. Be sure you also join the Foursquare Day Group.

Using a ScreenScape Group the organizers of the global Foursquare Day event will also post content through their Group Account directly to screens inside all venues that have joined their Group. This allows for a vibrant content mix to be displayed at each venue—some of which is broadcast uniformly to every location, and some of which is locally authored by local organizers and specific to each venue.

How do I get started?

This is a special offer to participants in Foursquare Day only. If that means you….simply email support at screenscape dot net to get your Foursquare Day promotion code. This will unlock an extended free trial to ScreenScape. All you need to power your display is an Internet-connected computer and a big screen (or projector). Chances are your venue is already set up.

Once you’ve signed up for ScreenScape, and your screen is connected, your next step is to accept an invitation to join the Foursquare Day Group. Login to ScreenScape and head to the messages area. If your invitation isn’t there waiting just email us at support at screenscape dot net.