One very common report the Client Services department here at ScreenScape gets from the field is that many of our Venue customers are not taking advantage of the kiosk feature built into Internet Explorer.

This kiosk feature allows for the automated launching of your ScreenScape URL into full screen mode each time your Display appliance (internet connected computer and screen) is rebooted. Your content will fill the entire screen, making it look much more professional and beautiful.

Having this feature enabled as well as changing a few other settings on your computer, like turning off pop ups for example, will help your display run uninterrupted for a longer period of time.

Setting up the kiosk feature takes about 2 minutes, you can locate the instructions to enable this feature on our Support site here.

For a full list of set up instructions that will enable you get optimal performance from your display please visit:

It will take about 15 minutes to complete the setup on your computer. This will be 15 minutes well spent, we promise.

Think about it like this, when you are watching a movie or video on your computer which scenario offers you the best experience?

Watching content in a window that doesn’t fill the entire screen with a “please update your software” balloon in the lower left corner.


Watching content that fills the screen completely and plays in its entirety, uninterrupted by balloons and other random pop ups.

Of course you would pick the 2nd senario, we all would. Let us help you give your customers the same experience you would prefer while they are watching your content in your venue.

As always, if you need assistance please contact our Customer Service
department online at:

We will be happy to help you through the configuration steps if you need a hand.