This morning the ScreenScape team added a new feature called ‘Make a Copy’.

Our latest templates have been getting more and more advanced in terms of the number of fields available for fine tuning. While that’s all well and good, what we’ve been hearing from users is that it’s also time consuming. If you invest a lot of time in getting one content item “perfect”, it would be nice to copy it and take advantage of all those tweaks for your next new item. Enter ‘Make a Copy’.

Try it out – it’s pretty nice!

‘Make a Copy’


The ‘Make a Copy’ action will create a carbon copy of any selected content item.

Note: To copy, the user must own the item being copied; you cannot copy content belonging to other Community members.

Path: CREATE -> [select item] -> Actions -> Make a Copy



If more than one item is selected in your list of Content items, one copy of each item will be created. For example, if 7 content items are selected to be copied then 7 new items will be created.

What gets Copied?

All of the editable items in the original will be copied to the new verison, like Images (with cropping), Text, Video, and Duration. Copied content items will also retain same scheduling details as the original. However, newly copied content items are NOT automatically published or shared, regardless of the how the original was published or shared.

How can this be used?

This action is particularly useful for recreating content items with a lot of detailed fields, like menu boards. Without this feature, recreating a complex menu board with a small change like a single price update is very time consuming. Using ‘Make a Copy’, you can make the copy, edit a single field, and hit Save. Now you’ve got a copy of both versions.

Copy fn

It’s also useful for quickly creating recurring items in a playlist, or for copying a complex schedule for an item that needs to change slightly in the future. For example, “As of next Monday, this content should only play on Tuesdays between 5-6pm”.