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Save time and achieve higher production values with digital signage templates that are inherently flexible

While some may choose to import media, or create it from scratch, the ScreenScape5 platform includes a wide assortment of digital signage templates, with more being added all the time. For those of you that aren’t design geniuses, you should know a few things about our templates. They are designed to be versatile and easily adapted to your own business needs. Although our templates may use images or text that suggest a specific subject matter, or imply a target industry vertical, they are actually meant to be professionally designed starting points that any user can quickly repurpose for any reason. By giving you a snazzy looking design as a starting point, we’re hoping to help you save time and achieve higher production values. But you can take any template in any direction you want. You can add or remove elements. You can move elements around the screen, or you can simply change a few colors to better align with your brand.

Here’s an example that demonstrates just how easy it is to repurpose our templates and make them your own. Even if you don’t want to make sweeping changes, the colors are easily customizable and can be tailored to suit your brand.

Check out the Media Corner video on this template

More tips for rock-solid branding on your templates

Example of a flexible digital signage branding template

Example 1: In this example, we took the main color of the logo and used it on the text and address area. Do you see how this simple effort can make this digital poster feel branded and professional?

Example of a flexible digital signage branding template with overlay

Example 2: In this example, we used the main color of the logo and created an image overlay. We covered how to do this in this post. Check it out!

Tips on proper logo usage

An image showing how to not distort logos

Here is the color picker tool used in the video.

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