Leading retailers are constantly looking for new ways to boost sales. The most progressive among them are using new digital technologies to speak intelligently to their customers in store to influence key buying decisions. It’s not all about digital signage. Social media, mobile payments, loyalty programs, location-based services and many new technologies are converging with place-based media to reshape our traditional notions of retail marketing and change the basis of competition among retailers and consumer brands.

Recently the Location Based Marketing Association (LBMA), in cooperation with PwC, published a whitepaper called Marketing goes local – Location-based marketing provides solutions to technology’s disruption of product placement, promotion and pricing. In it you will find an introduction and general overview of location-based marketing that describes in more detail how the application of these new technologies, which include ScreenScape, can drive customer engagement and brand awareness.

    “We live in a brave new world where technology enables us to live at the intersection of people, places and media, where intelligent information can enhance our lives and improve our experiences. Nowhere is this more evident than in the application of location-based marketing.”

If you are a savvy business owner starting out in the world of location-based marketing we encourage you to check it out. The whitepaper can be downloaded here.