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Learn how to create and customize your playlist in the ScreenScape digital signage platform

Media Corner: Creating and Customizing Playlists

January 17, 2018


Hey guys! Welcome back to Media Corner and our latest video instalment How to Create and Customize Playlists.

Just like any other digital signage system, Playlists are the collection of Media you want to appear on your screen.

Once you’ve created some Media (see our quick start Media Creation Video), click on the Playlist tab found at the top of the Screen Manager page, and click the yellow plus button in the bottom right corner.

This will create a brand new empty playlist, ready for your customization. Here you can add Media, put them in a specific order, adjust the duration of each item, choose full screen or layout, and customize your layout and theme!

Once you’re happy with your playlist, make sure to name it, assign it to your hardware, and click save. It will then start playing on the TV your hardware is plugged into!

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