When Doug Ranch of Pub Concepts was looking for new ways to help pub owners to get their promotional message and product information out to customers, he chose ScreenScape because it had the capability to provide far more than other digital signage systems.

Pub Concepts helps entrepreneurs in the food & beverage industry to band together to better manage their businesses. Among other things Pub Concepts helps pub owners to execute their sales and marketing strategies and create a warm and inviting atmosphere within their pub.

They’ve made ScreenScape-powered place-based media available to all members of the Pub Concepts network that now spans more than fifty restaurants.

“As a member of ScreenScape, we are able to easily create our own network within the ScreenScape Community” says Ranch. “Each pub owner can manage their own content, such as an online video, and share it with others for cross promotion within the community. Furthermore, we are able to selectively push content to our network of pubs from some of the advertising partners we have current relationships with.”

“It’s a win-win relationship. Our members benefit from belonging to our network of pubs while also participating in the larger ScreenScape Community to create promotional relationships at a local level with other nearby venues.” stated Doug.

“It’s cost-effective, it’s easy to deploy and it’s making money for everybody.”