Engage your audience in the right place at the right time.

Whether its in a retail store or in a service centre environment selling automotive lubricants is a highly competitive business. Wakefield Canada (Wakefield) is the marketer of Castrol-branded lubricants in Canada and they have found a great way to differentiate themselves and their product using place-based media at the point of purchase.

Using ScreenScape, Wakefield is able to directly engage their end customer in multiple real world locations. They provide their dealers with ScreenScape-powered digital displays to help showcase industry leading products like Castrol Edge and Castrol GTX. This allows Wakefield Canada to educate their customer exactly where they need to.

Because ScreenScape is community-based the local automotive retailer is also able to participate directly in the messaging. Using their own ScreenScape account the counter attendant or service manager can login in and upload a relevant, timely message for their patrons to experience instantly and this has their dealers excited about being a part of the Wakefield program.

Here’s what Natalee Davis of Wakefield Canada has to say about engaging customers where they make their key purchase decisions.

Use ScreenScape to:

  • Speak more effectively to your customers at the right place and at the right time.
  • Take your marketing message to a community of like-minded partners
  • Coordinate messaging at many physical sites within your organization