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ScreenScape has added a new feature to its digital signage platform--remote monitoring and management

New Feature: Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

March 8, 2021


Disclaimer: This feature is only available for Smart Player v 5.17.20 and above.

Today we are thrilled to announce a new industry-leading tool called Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM). This new tool is now available inside every ScreenScape5 Media Manager account. The new feature allows ScreenScape users to monitor their ScreenScape Connect devices and connection health in real-time from any internet-connected computer, anywhere!

So what makes this best in class new feature so groundbreaking? RMM is a hassle-free way to have a birds-eye view of your device and network health, along with the ability to monitor online/offline status with instantaneous live data. The ScreenScape health score algorithm was designed to collect raw device metrics at a specific interval throughout 24 hours. To check your device data, simply log into Media Manager—never question if your important messaging is reaching your audience. The results are 100% accurate, so you can relax and take it easy while the Remote Monitoring and Management performs the heavy lifting.

The device and connection health scores use a scientific algorithm that uses raw metrics and data to provide an overall health score for your physical hardware and internet connection. The scores are:

  • 80 or higher good (green)
  • 60 to 70 is fair (yellow)
  • 59 or below is poor (red)

The real-time device health metrics include:

  • CPU temperature
  • CPU usage
  • Disk usage
  • Memory usage
  • WiFi connection signal strength

The real-time event tracking includes:

  • Device provisioning status
  • Playlist added/updated/changed
  • WiFi added/updated/changed
  • Player software version/update status
  • Device online/offline status

One of the most useful tools in this exciting new feature release is the ability to quickly check the status of your devices using the device page card view and, list view. Each one of your devices can be seen on this page which makes it easy to perform quick network health checks. The card view provides a connected/disconnected status of the device and the list view includes the connection and health scoring metrics.

Check out the Remote Monitoring and Management video to learn more:


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