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use basic shapes to enhance your media

New Feature: Use basic shapes to beautify your media

May 25, 2020


At its core, good design is the marriage of shapes, images, type and, color. In fact, pretty much everything we read, see or interact with visually is comprised of some combination of these simple building blocks. Shapes? Yes! Never underestimate the power of a simple shape! Read on to learn about a sneaky powerful new capability that allows you to use basic shapes to beautify your media.

Our built-in super-flexible media editor just got a little more powerful today. We’ve added a new “Shape Layer” to our editor to give you even more freedom in designing beautiful media for your digital signs.

Shape Layer is really a new set of features that uses basic shapes to build up and beautify a design. You might choose to use a shape layer to dress up a design rather than an image, for example. With just a few simple mouse clicks you can create rectangles, squares, circles, banners, backdrops, masks, and more. Each shape layer can be styled individually with settings like color, box shadow, border radius and opacity. By layering and overlapping your shapes you can also create more sophisticated designs.

Advanced tip: Turn up your border radius to turn a square into a circle, or to round off the corners of a rectangle

Check out the Media Corner for tips and tricks on how to put this awesome new feature to use:

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