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Digital Signage has Never Looked Better – Introducing New Logo Friendly Layouts

January 14, 2020


This week we are excited to introduce three new “logo-friendly” layouts. As the name implies a “layout” is an optional playlist feature you can use to apply data-driven graphics to a playlist to give it a structure and format. When used in combination with a theme, a layout can bring a professional branded look and feel to your playlist not unlike what you might see on your favorite 24-hour news network.

Check out this in-depth Media Corner video about the new layouts:

We’re now up to 8 layouts. To give you a range of options each one is intentionally designed to be quite different from the others. Many of these layouts feature location-sensitive time, weather or news widgets which add a bit of interest to your display and can help to keep viewers engaged. They are updated dynamically and can be customized to reflect the specific location of each of your screens.

Examples of the new logo friendly layouts in use

Examples of logo friendly layouts in action

Mind the safe zone

As a word of caution layouts aren’t for everyone. To achieve a professional fit and finish some layouts may slightly encroach over the viewable region of your media.  If  your media has subject matter that runs close to the edge of the screen, they may slightly conflict or collide with one or more of your media items (if you’re not careful). Normally you would want to develop your media with your preferred layout in mind thus respecting the “safe zone” within which your subject matter can safely appear without interfering with the layout. As a general recommendation if you have media content with important information in the margins you can either avoid using a layout altogether or choose one that complements your media without any risk of collisions.  Bear in mind that any media item can be set to play in full screen mode which means even if your playlist uses a layout the media item set to full screen mode ignores it and will elegantly expand to use 100% of the screen anyway.  Don’t worry the layout will return for the next item in the playlist and all others that are not set to full screen mode.

Allow for a safe zone when using logo friendly layouts

Here is how to apply a layout: Login to your ScreenScape account – click playlists – highlight the playlist – go to edit on the top navigation bar – once you are in the playlist, go to properties (located on the top right of screen)  – go to Layout>Name – and select the layout style from there.

An image showing where to select your layout in Media Manager

Here is how to add your logo: Login in to your account – click on computer monitor icon (hardware section) – select the stick you wish to add a logo to – go to edit on the top navigation bar – on the right-hand side you will see properties, click on that – you will see, location, weather, clock, news, and logo –  click on logo – use the pen icon to pull up the image drawer and drag your logo into it.

An image showing where you can add your logo in Media Manager for the logo friendly layout

Just like the weather, time zone and news the logo area is treated as a local setting. This makes logical sense as one playlist might be assigned to multiple devices in different locations.  Local settings are applied at the device level. After all, it’s quite possible that you will want to use different logos on different screens in different locations.

We’ve tried to make it easy for you to upload almost any sized logo but there are definitely best practices.  If you are using an image with a transparent background it is important to use a .PNG file rather than a .gif or .png. Certain layouts also work better with certain logo shapes.  Check out the diagram below for guidance (minimum recommended logo sizes shown) .

An image showing which logo shapes work best with the logo friendly layouts

Finally, here is a great color picker if you want to take your logo color and add to layout. All you do is add the extension to Chrome. Open up the extension and hover over anything on your screen and it will get the six-character hex code.

An image showing how to change the theme colors

Thanks for reading!  We hope you enjoy these new layouts. If you have any questions, comments, or tutorial ideas, get a hold of us at