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Introducing 20+ New Themes to Style Your Playlists

June 30, 2020


The visual style that is applied to a playlist is known as a Theme. Where individual media items make up the primary “programming” that is your digital signage display, a theme, in combination with a layout, brings those items together to format and style an entire playlist. Layouts are used to arrange your media spatially while adding components like news, logo, and weather alongside your primary content. Themes on the other hand are used to apply a consistent aesthetic style to your playlist* using color, typography, and background images**.┬áToday we are pleased to announce that we have added more than 20 new pre-designed themes, which gives you plenty of fresh new options for professionally styling your displays.

*Layouts and Themes are not visible at all if your media is playing in full screen mode.

**If you’re looking to break away from these built-in themes, you can always upload your own background image and create a custom theme entirely your own.

This post explains where you can find the new themes

Applying a Theme

1: Click on “Playlists”

2: Click on “+ Button”

3: Click on “Settings”

4: Voila! here are the new themes

Check out this Media Corner video for a walkthrough on the new themes:

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