If you are new to ScreenScape and looking to learn more here’s an easy way to get started. Here’s a few short videos that can walk you through the basics.

The Promo:

This helps to show how much we’ve simplified the process of getting started with place-based media.

The device demo:

Take a closer look at the world’s first smart device for digital signage.

The software demo – one location:

This is how local merchants aka “Venues” create and publish content.

Managing content across multiple locations with ScreenScape for Groups:

Organize your locations and centrally distribute content as massively or as selectively as you like.

Advanced – Integrated Device Management with Platinum Control:

Monitor and manage the physical devices in your network.

So I’m connected, what now? The ScreenScape Eco-system chalk talk:

Involve your industry and community partners in your on screen messaging for fun or for profit.

Still want more?