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Office Digital Signage For More Effective Corporate Communication

February 4, 2020


Think digital signage is only for retail businesses looking for a smart way to reach customers? Think again. More and more organizations are discovering the simple yet powerful role digital signage can play in communicating more effectively with employees. After all, a few well placed digital signs around the office can easily be used to deliver targeted messaging to your staff where and when it matters most.

To inspire your own ideas for boosting communication in the office or on the shop floor, here are our 5 ways to use digital signage in a workplace.

5. Keep your employees informed so they never miss an event

It’s easy to overlook an email or miss a call. But when you’re walking past a meeting room and see a well placed message, you can’t help but notice. Tactful signage in the right place helps ensure no one misses the next company party or social event, without badgering people. When it’s all over, post a recap and share the takeaways.

ScreenScape digital signage used for an office announcement for corporate communications

4. Announce achievements and applaud top performers

How do you recognize top performers? What about company achievements? Rewarding hard work by recognizing a special accomplishment on screen, using a few images or a slick video, is what digital signage for the workplace is all about. Have some good news to share? In minutes you can be broadcasting to any or every screen in the office.

Office announcement image using ScreenScape digital signage for corporate communications

3. Reinforce key messages and performance metrics

Sometimes getting a message across to an entire organization is easier said than done. And sometimes it takes a few tries or more before the message actually gets through. Progressive organizations everywhere are discovering the difference digital signage can make in reinforcing corporate messages and displaying vital performance metrics. The key is to keep the messaging simple and right to the point. As a visual medium, digital signage can convey even complex messaging in the form of a simple graphic that everyone can understand at first glance.

Office growth announcement image using ScreenScape digital signage for corporate communications

2. An office that’s welcoming and easier to navigate

Small office spaces become familiar over time but you can’t expect all employees to know their way around a large campus. New employees and visitors can easily get lost. Furthermore office environments tend to change from time to time. Special events and shared meeting spaces call for dynamic signage and wayfinding that is intelligent. In many cases digital signage is truly a smarter, greener, more cost-effective and more professional alternative to static signs and printed posters.

Office wayfinding announcement image using ScreenScape digital signage for corporate communications

1. Boost your company culture

How do you build the kind of company culture that attracts and motivates talented employees? By recognizing and reflecting the kind of activities that demonstrate that culture in action. Use digital signage software to record and amplify the events or initiatives that get people excited. Show pictures of last year’s Christmas party to increase participation at this year’s event. Post candid shots of your employees engaged in volunteer work. Or simply make an inspirational post that shows the kinds of values your company stands for.

ScreenScape digital signage used for an office announcement for corporate communications

Thanks for taking the time to read our 5 ways to use digital signage in the workplace. If you haven’t created your own free account and given ScreenScape a spin, you might be surprised by just how easy it is for your organization to start reaping the benefits of digital signage. ScreenScape features a wide variety of professionally-designed templates that can be quickly adapted to your needs. Use an App to display dynamic data that is updated in real time. Upload a video, import files. Mash them all up using our built in media editor. If you have TVs in place already, and a good wifi signal, you are already most of the way there! Why not turn those TVs into productive digital signs?