More Social Media Templates for Digital Signage

One of the many ways digital signage can be used to boost sales is to foster stronger ties with customers.  Reminding customers to follow along to your social channels is an easy and cost-free way to develop a loyal following and get more eyeballs on those social posts.

Our newest social media templates for digital signage are bold, straight forward, and attention-grabbing.  In this collection, you will find Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter templates.  As always they are versatile and easily re-purposable so be sure to make them your own.  We also updated the ScreenScape asset library with various social media logos of different formats and colors to help with creating your own custom templates.

When creating your own social media posters for digital signage you may want to follow the branding guidelines set forth by these companies. Here are some links to usage guidelines for the four major social media platforms:


Boost your brand, show off that 5-star rating

You’ve worked hard to build your reputation. If your product or service is being rated highly by customers, that’s something worth sharing! These new reviews and ratings templates make for the perfect humble brag, and they’re super versatile. Check out the video below to find out how to put these templates to work in your establishment.


Organizing your Media Using ScreenScape Tags

Imagine a landscape of hundreds of screens powered by hundreds of unique playlists, with current and past programming consisting of thousands of images, videos and other media items. Managing a large scale digital signage network can be challenging if you don’t have the right software in place to manage it effectively. ScreenScape Tags provide a simple way to organize your Media, Playlists or Hardware items quickly and efficiently. You can think of a ScreenScape tag as a collection or folder for your items. You can assign a tag to multiple items at once to make it easy to locate them in your library later on.


New Holiday Templates for Digital Signage

Just in time for the holidays, ScreenScape has released a pack of new holiday templates. There are five templates in all in this family and each of them is 15 seconds long featuring a video background. We also stocked up the ScreenScape-curated asset library with some great holiday imagery. Check out the video below for tips on how to create amazing holiday media to play on your ScreenScape screen, and have a happy holidays!


5 Ways Hospitals Can Benefit From Digital Signage

Digital signage is a powerful tool for hospital administrators. Hospitals are complex and often tense environments. People that are visiting hospitals need guidance and direction just to navigate the place. When a friend or family member is in hospital, sometimes there is little one can do but wait, and wait, and wait. So where does digital signage fit in? To help hospital staff understand the value of using great digital displays to improve the patient experience we put together these 5 ways any hospital or health clinic can benefit from digital signage.