Is your digital signage content getting a little stale?  Last week ScreenScape introduced a new type of trivia template called ‘Pop Quiz’.

Pop Quiz is an automated template, meaning it works with little or no user input required. When added to a playlist it will randomly select a 5 question ‘pop quiz’, presented in a question and answer format. The audience is presented with a question (“Which bird has the fastest wingbeat?”), and they have 10 seconds to formulate an answer. The answer is presented in the form of an eye-catching image which is slowly revealed to the audience. Each video is 1m20s in duration. The next time the playlist rotates around to the Pop Quiz, a different randomly selected quiz will be presented.

Pop Quiz gif

The Pop Quiz subject matter is light and playful, and is intended for all audiences. It includes topics like geography, food and animals.

A Pop Quiz presented in your regular playlist rotation is a simple way to keep your audience engaged. The template is free for use for all ScreenScape members, including our free Content member accounts. You’ll find the Pop Quiz template in your Get Started collection, under the name ‘Pop Quiz’.


We hope you and your audiences enjoy.

Note: Special thanks goes to Flickr and its membership, who contributed the beautiful images used in the Pop Quiz under the Creative Commons license. Details on contribution are recorded here.