ScreenScape welcomes Eileen Fisher

Today’s most innovative marketers understand the power of storytelling.  They make it a priority to create innovative and highly entertaining content, which in turn, translates into satisfied customers and new brand advocates.  Branded content, or branded entertainment as it’s sometimes called,  is an increasingly popular form of advertising that blurs conventional distinctions between what constitutes advertising and what constitutes entertainment or editorial content.

While an average CMO will see social channels or mobile technologies as the main distribution point for branded content, today’s more sales savvy marketing executives understand the opportunity to extend their use of branded content to real world places, applying it directly at the point-of-sale where a buying decision may be imminent.  That’s where we come in.  ScreenScape makes it easy for marketers to leverage their investment in branded content by bringing it right into the retail store, and sometimes into relevant venues  in the community where a key audience lurks along the path-to-purchase.  Request your own personalized tour of our solution right here.

It wasn’t long ago that we told you how Hyundai Canada has discovered how ScreenScape can be used to moderate and manage their massive collection of Youtube videos and deliver them intelligently to their showrooms and service center waiting rooms inside local car dealerships.

Today we’re thrilled to announce that Eileen Fisher, a pioneer in eco-friendly fashion, has chosen ScreenScape to power video displays in retail showrooms across the United States.

From today’s announcement: “We find video to be an effective way to share the rich stories that are behind our clothes, our employees and our social responsibility practices”logo_eileenfisher said Clarence Faison, Manager of Information Systems for Eileen Fisher. “Naturally, one of the most important places to do this is at stores where Eileen Fisher clothes are available for purchase. ScreenScape gives us a simple yet powerful way to execute this at retail, helping us to coordinate our marketing efforts with store managers and add value to the experience of buying Eileen Fisher”.

It’s been said if you’re not at least thinking about branded content, you’re missing out. The future of entertainment will also move the sales needle.  We agree completely.  So why not put that branded content to work where it matters most…..where marketing ideas meet real world customer service and where another one of your potential customers might be making a buying decision at this very moment:  the places where your products and services are available for purchase.

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