How to get the most out of your content.

So you have your computer, your screen and your ScreenScape account, now you need to decide what Content to play on it. What makes for great content anyway? How can you get the most impact from your display?

Before you start making or subscribing to content from the Community and adding it to your display, you should take a couple of factors into consideration.

The first question you will need to ask your self is: What is the primary purpose of this screen?
More often then not when we ask our customers this question the answer fits into one of the following categories:

Advertising, Entertainment, Information Sharing and Internal Communication.

Most digital screens use a combination of several types of content in their displays. A business that wants to use the screen primarily for advertising will also include some Entertaining and Informative content. Adding these types of content will grab and keep your patrons attention more readily then a series of advertisements one after another.

Once you have decided which category you fit into, you can start to build your playlists.

Now lets take this a step further. You know what type of content you want, but how do you know if its good content and or if it will work well in your particular business, for your particular customers.

For guidelines on what it takes to make content look good, there is no shortage of information on the web, you can hire someone or for you do-it-your-selfers out there, you can reference our Content Guide here.

To answer the Will this content work well for me? question lets use an imaginary business called Cuts and Curls Salon as an example. In the main waiting area Jane, the salon owner, has placed a screen running mostly Entertainment Content, with some Advertising Content played through out. The content loop is longer (about 15 minutes) because she has the customers attention for a longer period of time. The individual pieces of content, ie. a popular YouTube video, can be longer as well. Jane found most of this content in the ScreenScape community and simply added it to her display. This content helps keep the salon customers entertained while they are waiting for their appointments, and gives her some advertising opportunities as well. Jane changes the content on this screen slightly about once a month in order to continue to make it an attention grabber.

Jane has another screen running, with a different type of content, setup close to the cash register in the salon. This display plays mostly Advertising Content. Jane uses a much shorter content loop here (under 3 minutes) and the ads are short, eye catching and to the point. Customers spend much less time at the cash register then they do in the waiting area, so the content playing here has a much shorter time to make an impression.

She has 2 short videos and 30 poster slides. The posters are made up of both Internal Advertising, salon specials for example , and advertising for other businesses. Jane has sold some of the ad space on this screen to local businesses. In addition she has sold space to a few of the beauty companies she resells products for.

Both of Jane’s screens play content that suit her business needs and serve her customers. One keeps her customers entertained and seems to shorten their wait time. The other is keeping her customers informed about specials and products that are available to them, as well as acting as an additional Revenue Stream for her. It’s a win win situation. Cuts and Curls Salon has great Screen Impact

Similar logic can be applied to ANY business.

For more information on this or any other ScreenScape related topic, please drop us a line at or call us at 877.666.1975 option 2. We are always happy to help.

Patricia Scanlan
Customer Support Manager