The holiday season is upon us once again! At this time of year, there are so many ways to get into the Christmas spirit, and it’s time to make sure that ScreenScape, your place-based media solution, doesn’t miss out either! Here is a round up of just a few ways that ScreenScape customers have been preparing their displays with Christmas marketing ideas for this festive time of year.

Overly’s Country Christmas

Overly’s Country Christmas, in Greensburg, PA, is a non-profit organization that has been using ScreenScape for two years. They have a large projector screen display, reaching out for volunteers and donations.

“As a nonprofit committed to creating holiday memories, Overly’s Country Christmas has a ScreenScape display that people view as they walk from the parking lot into our walk-around Christmas Village. This is our second year using the display. We highlight sponsors, upcoming events such as authors reading at the bonfire or local choirs performing. We also show a Harry Overly tribute video to let people know more about the founder of our organization. We love ScreenScape; it’s better than sliced bread”.
-Stephanie Tomasic

What’s New the Salon

What’s New the Salon, in Murfreesboro, TN, is a salon and spa that offers a wide range of hair and spa services, including massage, skin, and nail care.

“In our salon we have one 36″ screen in our waiting area and ten 17″ screens at each stylist’s station. We use ScreenScape to show product videos for hair, nail, and skin products. We utilize Vimeo and Youtube to show hairstyles, how-to’s, and our own work. We use the text slides for announcements for sales and promotions. We used to play holiday dvd’s on our screens and the same movie would run several times, but of course none of our clients would see a whole movie, so now we just intersperse clips of holiday movies in with our informational content.”
-Sandy Haynes

Royal Home Hardware, Toronto

Royal Home Hardware is located in Toronto, Ontario, and has their ScreenScape display set up right where customers will see it before making a purchase at their retail store.

“We at Royal Home Hardware use our screen, which is set up in front of the cash register, to promote specific products within the store. For this holiday season, we’ve started displaying products that we feel are great gift ideas. These are items that people may have seen on television commercials, that we then pull off of YouTube and add to our ScreenScape displays to remind customers while they’re waiting in line. We also include other more boutique-style products that are not necessarily exclusive to Home Hardware that we feel people would love to find under their trees at Christmas.”
-Andy Renieris

Joey’s Restaurant Macleod Trail

Joey’s Macleod Trail, located in Southwest Calgary, AB, Canada, offers affordable premium quality seafood in a comfortable atmosphere. They also have a fast takeout option available for those that would prefer to dine at home.

“At Joey’s, we have three screens inside the restaurant – two in the dining area and one just in front of the cash register, so those who are ordering takeout can also see the specials. For the holiday season, we’re using our ScreenScape digital displays to wish everyone a Merry Christmas from the staff and management at Joey’s. We also promote our restaurant gift certificates as a great gift idea. This time of year, we have a featured holiday menu as well, and make sure to highlight any new menu items and specials. We love it – it really helps to promote our desserts.”
-Dan Mossey

How can YOU use Christmas marketing ideas to increase your sales?

In addition to the above examples, there are many other ways that ScreenScape can be used to ensure a fantastic holiday display.

Festive Displays

Google ‘Christmas’ and see what you can find to help dress your screen. There is a large assortment of Christmas images and videos available on the web that can be interspersed throughout your regular content. Build a slide show using your own or other non-copyrighted images to provide a dynamic festive feeling in your venue. This is a great and simple way to bring the Christmas spirit into your venue at no cost.

The Gift of Giving

A way to take part in seasonal giving is to contact local food banks, children’s charities, and shelters and offer to provide screen space for their messages during the holiday season. There are multiple charitable events that take place at this time of year, and venues can highlight everything from food and toy drives, the location of shelters, fundraising dinners, and the list goes on!

Christmas Promotions

At this time of year, depending on your business, there are likely service or product specials that you would like to promote as gifts for Christmas. Don’t forget to include these on your ScreenScape displays so that your customers know what is available!

Community Engagement

Also don’t forget to engage your community. If you haven’t already made contact with other ScreenScape members nearby, do so now and help each other to promote your business, promotions and sales through the network. Find other venues in your local area that have complementary products or services, and you’ll be able to support each other and grow!

Holiday Greetings

And of course, don’t forget to wish holiday greetings to all of your customers. Simply put a message on the screen wishing everyone Happy Holidays and thanking them for their patronage.

Now what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free 14 day trial of ScreenScape and check out how you can use Christmas marketing ideas to increase your sales!