Trying to figure out what to make of the ever-evolving digital landscape?

Owners and executives of businesses of any size will certainly benefit from the upcoming DX3 Canada show, “Where Business Gets Digital.”

There are a number of presentations on a wide range of topics being provided, including one from ScreenScape founder Mark Hemphill on the Power of Place-Based Marketing, at 3:15 to 3:45 on Jan 25th in the Moneris Small Business Theatre.

“The media world is becoming more fragmented and reaching your target audience has never been as difficult or as expensive as it is today. Social media is powerful but does it offer you a way to truly engage with your customer? Or does it simply fuel the proliferation of marketing channels and add to the noise?

Place-based media is emerging as a more practical alternative to traditional forms of marketing. In this session Founder & Chairman of ScreenScape, Mark Hemphill, will explain how new forms of place-based media are helping businesses to speak more effectively to their customer where and when it counts and how this makes their sales & marketing dollars go further and work harder.”

Small businesses and merchants have distinct digital challenges and opportunities. The Moneris Small Business Zone theater will host specific content for those who want to integrate digital and mobile thinking into their line of business. If you want to make your small business a leading small business, the Moneris Small Business Zone will help.

Moneris Small Business Theatre Schedule here.

Join ScreenScape at DX3 Canada – Where Business Gets Digital. We’ll be in Booth 331. Register here, it’s free!