As a retail sales & marketing engine, foursquare is becoming a considerable weapon for many venue managers. But, at the same time, even the makers of foursquare will tell you, foursquare is, by itself, incomplete. As foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley has said it’s not about the check-in, it’s about what happens after that. One of the most important pieces needed to complete the retail marketing eco-system that foursquare creates is an onsite digital display technology to welcome foursquare users and cue them to participate while inside the venue. And that is where ScreenScape comes in.

Imagine Walmart mounting an ad campaign and then forgetting to place relevant signage for the sale material inside the store. Imagine yourself as a potential customer walking in to look for something that you saw on TV and inside the store there is no mention of any sale! Promoting a sale item on foursquare is great….reinforcing it through coordinated onsite sales & marketing is even better.

So, what can ScreenScape do for a fourquare Venue?

We believe ScreenScape can make a big difference in increasing your sales through foursquare.

ScreenScape offers an engaging way to step up a foursquare window cling. Using ScreenScape a venue can:

  1. Promote their use of foursquare
  2. Remind foursquare users to check-in, build credibility on foursquare as check-ins rise.
  3. Promote a number of unique specials in the same venue
  4. Recognize the mayor of their venue
  5. Acknowledge foursquare users when they arrive on site (coming soon).
  6. Publicly display “shouts” by foursquare friends (coming soon).
  7. Publicly display “tips” authored by locals or by location sponsors (coming soon).
  8. Coordinate the efforts of multiple foursquare venues as in a retail network.
  9. Educate management and staff to honor foursquare specials

Spread the word

As popular as foursquare is…..the number of foursquare users is still a relatively small share of the total population of customers who frequent a typical store or restaurant. A digital display that features coordinated messaging that is in synch with local foursquare activity can bring these retail marketing messages to light in a public place. This can spawn curiousity in both the medium that is foursquare and the message that is the latest venue special – and not just among the crowd with their noses in their smart phones – but throughout the room and throughout the environment, and even throughout the community. To put it simply we believe ScreenScape can serve as a powerful accelerant to the retail sparks that fly when a foursquare user walks into your venue.

“Hi, we’re on foursquare and that deal you wanted…it’s right here!”

For it to really work all retail marketing outreach should be complemented by onsite sales & marketing. And in order to get the most out of foursquare you need to make it real inside the venue. Isn’t this why foursquare introduced their simple window cling?

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