Beefy new release delivers new content options, better control

Members of ScreenScape are now enjoying a series of new features thanks to our Spring ‘11 release which went live on Sunday April 3, 2011. These improvements are all about empowering content creators. By popular demand we are rapidly opening up the platform to content service providers and are very excited to think of all the ways this is going to encourage new and richer sources of content to flow in the ScreenScape Community and add value to our members’ Displays. What follows is a brief commentary on some of the key new features of this release organized under two general categories: better content and better control.

Better Content!

Intelligent Support for YouTube Channels

First of all, YouTube lovers get a substantial boost in this release with intelligent support for YouTube Channels. This feature allows members to point to a specific channel on YouTube, by username or keyword, and have their display play back the latest videos posted on that channel. What this means is that members of ScreenScape can easily port videos from YouTube to their ScreenScape-powered Display, or for sharing with the greater ScreenScape Community, in a way that is automated, always current and essentially self-managing.

Also new with this release, many members using YouTube video will see an improvement in the quality of the YouTube feed on their Displays. YouTube video quality will now automatically adjust to the screen size and bandwidth availability of a Display appliance. Display appliances with sufficient bandwidth will show YouTubeHD video, while those with slower access will receive the same video at less taxing resolutions.

New Support for Adobe SWF widgets

A long time request from our professional content producers, ScreenScape now supports the SWF format in our Media RSS feeds. This allows content producers to provide their customers with a Media RSS feed to which members of ScreenScape can point their Displays for premium content access.

Note: This support is limited to Full Screen mode only. Animations in SWF format will automatically play in Full Screen.

Support for More Lines of Text in Your Text Slides

By popular request the Sidebar and Theatre Text widget also get a bump in this release with an increase in the number of lines and characters allowed per slide. We hope this allows for greater flexibility and greater legibility in your text slides.

Better Control!

Preview Only sharing

helps members build content relationships. This setting advertises the existence of specified content through the Community, without simultaneously giving others full access to add it to their Displays. This is especially useful for content producers who sell premium content to venue operators. The Preview Only setting with allow them to display their wares, and selectively provide access to other members on their own terms.


Our Messaging system now includes the concept of “Attachments”. Similar to attaching a document to an email, members of the service can attach their Community content to a message. This simplifies discussions around content sharing, with members now able to attach exactly which widgets they’d like another member to review, to display, or to provide access to.

What’s next? Stay tuned!

If you have been following the evolution of our service you know that when it comes to making ScreenScape better and more efficient for our members, we never rest! Our development team is working hard to introduce new features and functionality that can offer our members additional business benefit. Some of the main themes of our current development initiatives include:

  • Refining the way ScreenScape draws on third-party sources of content such as YouTube, Flickr, Foursquare and Vimeo, to offer average users more control of their playlists.
  • Making the service more inviting and easy-to-use for content service providers and marketing members.
  • Making it easier to discover like-minded members of the ScreenScape Community and their shared content.

Thanks for your feedback and keep it coming!

We love when our members make suggestions for how we can make ScreenScape even better. If you have a suggestion or just a simple question please do not hesitate to connect with us. We would love to hear from you.