The NEW is chock full of enhancements!

Get Ready to Switch to .com!

If you are already a member, below are the steps to get started with the new

Step 1: Login to the new .COM system

Login to
You already have an account in the .COM system with the same username and password from the .NET system

Step 2: Create Content (watch demo)
Publish Content (watch demo)

Select ‘Create’ and click the ‘Create Content’ button
Select a Design and Customize by selecting images and videos from your Asset Library
Describe your Design by entering a Title and Description
Preview and Save your Design
Repeat to create as much additional content as you’d like
Publish your new content item(s) to your display

Step 3: Launch your new .COM display

Launch your new .COM display from the Publish page
Review our .COM upgrade FAQs for help launching your .COM display

Need help?

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Beautiful Content.

High quality animated content now takes only seconds to create. Text, video and images can be mixed and matched into hundreds of possible screen designs. Content creation is easy and quick – no experience required.

Re-usable Images and Video.

Every member now has access to a private library of image assets. These assets can be quickly recycled and reused into any number of designs. Image loading has been simplified to allow for multi-select simultaneous uploads.

Every member also has access to a private library of video assets. High quality HD videos are rendered quickly using a world class service. This allows for simultaneous rendering of any number of concurrent videos.

Bigger and Better Text.

Text is arguably the simplest yet most important element of any marketing message. Surprisingly, it’s also one of the hardest to perfect. With this release we’ve completely re-designed the way we handle on-screen text, in recognition of its critical role.

Text sizes are now bigger (from “Large” to “XXLarge”), more easily read, and appear inside text areas that give messages more flexibility. Many design layouts allow for text areas that expand and contract, depending on how much text is needed for a particular message. Images and text can also be overlaid for tight coordination. When presented together, they result in simple yet powerful combinations.

Gorgeous Weather and RSS.

Weather and RSS are the eye-candy of the digital signage world. With this release they have been re-imagined, re-designed and animated in both partial and full screen variations. These eye catching new designs have broad appeal which will lend a touch of fit and finish to any screen display.

But wait, there’s more…Long time members of ScreenScape will also note other more subtle but powerful changes:

  • Immediate Display refresh after playlist edits. As soon as a new item is added or edited, affected displays immediately begin playing for the new playlist (rather than the 1 hour delay previously in effect).
  • Image Cropping. The content editor includes useful embedded tools like an image cropper. This makes existing image assets much more flexible, reduces the need to exit to use a third party editing tool, and eliminates the prospect of stretched images.
  • Smoother Displays. Displays run more smoothly and use fewer system resources. Hiccups are less frequent, and the system auto recovers quickly after unforeseen events.
  • Smarter bandwidth. High bandwidth features, like HD video, now have higher quality while consuming less overall bandwidth.
  • Lower Minimums. Hardware recommendations have dropped, from beefier CPU’s to lighter, leaner and cheaper options. Less expensive display appliances are now excellent deployment options.

Can I still login to my old account?

Yes, you can still login to your old account using this link: