Want a concise look at how ScreenScape can be used at your location outlining features to maximize your marketing efforts?


For Venues

Perfect for small business who want to maximize their marketing efforts on site.

Some features include:

  • An easy to use interface to make content creation simple
  • Turn a simple TV into your own digital marketing engine
  • For only $9.99 a month operate a display to activate your customer and boost sales
  • Keep your content fresh with YouTube® channels
  • Connect with other members in the ScreenScape Community to leverage each other’s content

Download the PDF for venues here:

For Groups

If you have more than one location our group features will allow you to distribute your content to all of your sites simply from your ScreenScape group account.

Some group features include:

  • Operate you own digital signage network or build a content sharing network
  • Professional grade content distribution tools to make large or complex networks easy to manage
  • Flexible tagging system allows you to organize your network by geography, by product category, or by promotion
  • Real time reporting, content owner controlled reporting settings
Download the PDF for Groups here:

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how ScreenScape is being used for sales promotion, customer service, product launches, customer loyalty, increased social media participation, education, entertainment and more.