There are multiple ways that place-based media can be used, depending on the type of business using it. Different content can be displayed, which will cater to the needs of the clientele for that particular business and provide complementary information, along with additional customer service at the point of sale. This is another great opportunity for selling additional goods or services right at the location where someone is already making a buying decision!

As the first in a series of how different businesses use ScreenScape, we will be featuring how restaurants and bars can best use place-based media to inform and entertain their patrons and accomplish their goals.

Walk-By Customers and Repeat Visits

Restaurants and bars cater both to the local community and tourists. Depending on location, there is the possibility of enticing many walk-by customers to enter these establishments. A ScreenScape display is a dynamic attention-getting tool to get people through the doors, inside, and ordering! One great way to do this is to ensure that menus and photos of dishes are posted, so that people can easily see any offers and see if anything tantalizes their taste buds during a particular time of day, be it brunch, lunch, happy hour, dinner, or late night.

Then, keep them coming back for more by listing upcoming events that will be taking place within the restaurant or bar.


Most food and beverage establishments will have time-based specials and can use place-based media to highlight daily, weekly or even seasonal food and drink specials. For example, if a restaurant is known for their seafood, they could show their daily fresh sheets so everyone knows what are the best options to order for a particular meal. With the ease of use of updating content on a ScreenScape display, this can even be done if there are different items that a restaurant owner wants to highlight throughout the day!

Need to feature a new dish or a different cocktail to get rid of all that extra stock taking up fridge space? Why not promote it on a ScreenScape display and see how it fares?

For example, on a Sunday morning, try displaying a featured drink special, like a Bloody Caesar, and see how many people come in and order just that! The options are endless, and restaurant owners can easily see the potential returns by testing out specials like this.

Community Building

Other recommendations for using ScreenScape restaurant digital signage would be to list local weather and event information, add photos of the dishes available, or stream relevant video, such as a chef prepping a special meal or a past event that took place inside the venue. In addition, add the ScreenScape Foursquare widget to remind users to check-in, promote specials specific to the establishment’s Foursquare users, or highlight the Mayor or customers who are already inside to encourage additional competitiveness and check-ins that will then radiate throughout that person’s social network.

Advertising Revenue

Another place-based media option is to sell advertising spots on the ScreenScape display to other local businesses. Reach out to restaurant regulars, neighbours and others in the community, and the potential for a side revenue stream is a bonus!

Cross Promotion

As restaurants and bars are usually strongly associated with their neighbourhoods, the opportunity for cross promotion is also great. Is there a high traffic business, such as a fitness center or retail store, with the same target clientele nearby? Why not talk to them about getting their own screen set up, and help promote each other.

There are countless ways that place-based media and ScreenScape can be used to engage and service restaurant and bar patrons more fully, help increase sales, and even allow for additional revenue streams.

For more details of ScreenScape in action by a food and beverage business, take a look at the success experienced by Port Credit & Clarkson Pump!