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ScreenScape5 – The 3 Most Important Words

Media Corner is a series of video tutorials for our users who are interested in learning the in’s and out’s of our digital signage software.

In this video we review the 3 most important words in ScreenScape5: Media, Playlists, and Devices.


Basic Terms - ScreenScape Media Editor

Media refers to the content, or programming, that you want to feature on your ScreenScape display. Whether it’s a sales promotion, a holiday greeting, an urgent message, or a 3rd-party advertisement it’s all called media in ScreenScape5. A single piece of media is referred to as a media item. A media item typically consists of one or more assets, such as video or image files, plus any layers of text that you apply using our media editor. With just a few clicks a media item can be published by a user manually, or it can be scheduled to be automatically published and unpublished. You can set a media item to be full screen only which means, when it is that media item’s turn in the playlist, that item will always occupy 100% of the screen.


Basic Terms - ScreenScape Content Management System's Drag and Drop Items in Playlist

Media items are assigned to playlists. As you may have guessed a playlist is a specific set or list of media items, perhaps a few of your current favorites among your broader collection of media, that you want to publish as a group so they playback in sequence on one or more of your screens. You can also format a playlist by adjusting its settings for layout, which allows you to place widgets like news, weather and logo alongside your media, and theme, which applies color and design and gives your playlist an overall look and feel. A playlist is activated by assigning it to Device.


Basic Terms - Image of Device Details screen

Device refers to the physical plug and play media player device we send to you. Every device you buy has one and only one playlist, however you can assign the same playlist to any number of devices to create a large scale network. Assigning a playlist to a device is usually a one-time only setup event. This is sometimes referred to as pairing the device to a playlist. Once a device is paired to a playlist your device is considered “live”. This means every time media is assigned to that playlist it is considered live and like other media items in the playlist will automatically play on screen once its turn comes up. Devices is also the area where you can apply local settings such as preferred news and weather source and local time zone.

If you have questions or would like more details about any of these subjects please reference our support channels here:

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