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Sharing Media, Playlists, and Devices will help to improve your workflow and collaborative efforts


One of the things that our customers all have in common is that every one of them gets things done just a little bit differently.

Roles and responsibilities, task sharing, team structure, creatives, partners, providers, consultants, management approvals… From the smallest two person shop to large enterprises, every organization evolves to share the load in a way that’s unique.

So we designed our collaboration model to adapt.

One of the ingredients that makes ScreenScape’s model so successful for the SMB space is a feature called ‘Sharing’. It’s a flexible collaboration model that maps very well to a broad set of use cases in the digital signage space.

What is Sharing?

Sharing is a simple but powerful property that can be added to any media, playlist or hardware. The owner of any items can assign other members as ‘shared’. The members can co-manage the shared items together (to view, edit, copy or publish the items).

Why use Sharing?

Sharing is ideally suited to scenarios where responsibility for managing a screen and/or what’s displayed on it is distributed across many people and groups.

The co-managers could be in the same organization (two people on the same Marketing team) or across organizations (an advertiser working with a screen owner).

Common organizational scenarios are ones where one group is responsible for the physical hardware (the IT dept), another group for the branded look and feel of what’s on the network of screens (Marketing), and finally another group for the content of individual screens or media items (location managers). Each of these groups needs ways to share items within the group and with the other groups. The groups may or may not include employees in the same org, or consultants, contractors and creatives from outside the organization.

The key advantage of sharing is that it can be applied on a case-by-case basis for each object, making it highly flexible.

For more details on how sharing media, playlists, and devices can be used, check out our Sharing FAQ.