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Software Update – Asset Delete

We’re always working to improve ScreenScape so there are changes happening all the time. We trouble shoot our system constantly so we can deliver the best software on the market.

Today’s update is a simple one: Asset Delete.

Users have been asking for the ability to delete images and videos after they’ve uploaded them.

screen shot of screenscape digital signage software update for asset delete

Hover over the asset and click the ‘delete’ icon to delete it.

In our MVP approach, this (kinda obvious?) feature didn’t make the initial ‘must have’ cut. Our thinking was… “A user would want to delete in order to get more space… so just give them more space.” Easy!


Turns out, people make mistakes. Click the wrong icon. Upload the wrong file. Or the wrong version of the right file. Or like to keep things tidy. Or just change their mind. Or… or… or. Even with an infinite hard drive in the sky (and it isn’t infinite btw!), there’s plenty of legit reasons to want to subtract what you’ve added.

So: on Friday we added a simple ‘hover over’ delete button, everywhere assets are displayed.

On this topic, it’s worth noting:

  • When deleted, assets are removed from your active library. But if they’re in-use in any Media items, they aren’t destroyed. We keep a copy for the existing media to reference. So you can’t break a running display by accidentally deleting some of the assets that it’s in the middle of using.
  • When you delete many assets at once, we group the actions for a more efficient database delete. It kicks off when you close your ‘asset library’ drawer. It’s possible that, between hitting delete and hitting close, you could kill your browser application. Which would cancel the delete. If that’s the case, you’ll see the assets-formerly-known-as-deleted again the next time you go into the drawer. No harm, no foul.

As always, if you have an idea or a request for a feature, let us know. We’re adding to the product on a daily basis.