If you’re an early riser, lately you may have noticed increased activity on the Smart Player front. What’s it all about?

Automatic upgrades

For the last few weeks, the ScreenScape engineering team has been getting up in the wee hours of the morning to push out a step-by-step upgrade to our Smart Player architecture. When the early mornings are said and done, we’ll be delivering our members a new feature set called ‘Platinum Control‘.

Note: If you’ve already installed Smart Player, the new upgrades are automatic; no action required. If you haven’t installed Smart Player yet, what are you waiting for?

What is ‘Platinum Control’?


If you are one of the unsung heroes of digital signage, a network administrator, you’re going to love this. ‘Platinum Control‘ is the name of a new and distinct set of add-on features set to arrive very soon. Platinum Control helps ScreenScape members to visualize and remotely control the devices that make up their digital signage network. For a glimpse of the new features in action be sure to check out the video at the end of this post.

Using Platinum Control members of ScreenScape can get a better handle on what’s happening with their network.

For example, Platinum Control users will see when media players are connected, what hardware and software they have installed, what content they have downloaded, how much memory and CPU they are using, and how much bandwidth they’re consuming.


Perhaps most importantly, Platinum Control users will also be able to perform long distance actions, like:

  • remote reboot,
  • bandwidth throttling,
  • playlist restart,
  • send remote screenshots,

and more!

The advantages of Platinum Control are clear: better control means better uptime and fewer costly site visits by expensive technicians. This means more time can be spent engaging your audience and less time is wasted in troubleshooting the hardware in your network. In this way Platinum Control practically pays for itself.

Will I need Smart Player to get Control?

Yes. Platinum Control only works in conjunction with Smart Player. If you don’t have Smart Player installed, you don’t have Platinum Control. Smart Player is the application installed on each device. It runs the digital sign, downloads and stores content, monitors the health of the device, and relays commands to the device such as ‘Reboot’.

To learn more about Smart Player and how to install it, please contact ScreenScape Support.

Will I have Platinum Control if I use the Browser player?


No. As a platform for web applications, the browser is not powerful enough to support the remote monitoring and remote actions that come with Platinum Control.

You can only have Platinum Control if you have Smart Player.

When is it coming?

The final touches are still being applied, but it’s close. Expect to see more about the new Platinum Control features by the end of April.

Who will have access to Platinum Control?

Fully fledged ScreenScape Platinum members will automatically gain access to the full functionality of Platinum Control.

All other members will have basic access by default, and can get full access by upgrading their account.

Video Demonstration

Contact us at ScreenScape to find out more.