Smart Player Launch window
We’re happy to announce today the availability of our new Smart Player.

The Smart Player for Windows™ (“Smart Player”) is a free application that runs a ScreenScape Display. It runs on media players that use the Microsoft Windows™ operating system. It’s designed as a replacement for the “old” ScreenScape browser player.


What are the advantages of the Smart Player over the old browser player?

  • Simplicity – The Smart Player is a dedicated application that does one thing: run a ScreenScape Display.
  • Low cost of operation – With fewer setup steps, fewer maintenance tasks and automated version updates, deployments with the SmartPlayer have a lower cost of operation.
  • High reliability – Unlike a consumer Internet browser, the Smart Player is a purpose built commercial application designed for running digital signage content. Critical capabilities like offline support are built in from the ground up. Classic stability problems like browser / Flash Player compatibility are eliminated.
  • Efficiency – The Smart Player is free of the “sandbox” security restrictions of the browser. Improved access to local resource results in benefits to areas like hardware acceleration and asset caching.


The new Smart Player is our recommended option for all new deployments. We also recommend existing venues to convert to the Smart Player at their convenience. However, no action is required; the “old” browser version of our player will continue to function as normal.

For more information about the Smart Player, check out our FAQ.