Our recent ScreenScape 4.0 release will by followed by a new release of Smart Player for Windows.

This release will feature a revamped version of Setup for Windows based media players. The release will also include new networking options (e.g. proxy networks, WiFi Enterprise networks), built-in remote desktop support, and a range of bug fixes.


New Setup Wizard

Setup has been redesigned as a 3-step wizard. Users are guided through a standardised 3 step process every time Setup is launched. The steps are:

  1. Connect a keyboard
  2. Connect to the Internet
  3. Login to ScreenScape account

ScreenScape Digital Signage - Connect Keyboard Screen

ScreenScape Digital Signage - Connect to Internet Screen

ScreenScape Digital Signage - Login Screen


Embedded ‘remote desktop’ Support

ScreenScape can help fix your digital signage issues using remote desktop support

It’s often the case that the software problem that’s driving you crazy has a simple solution… if only the right person could look over your shoulder and point it out.

That’s why ‘remote desktop‘ software is so powerful. It provides a fast track for new users to get expert help. The trick is to make remote desktops accessible to users who are in trouble exactly when they’re in trouble.

The new setup wizard will have embedded remote desktop support. Embedded access to remote desktop activation will help expedite solutions when users call our Customer Help line. During Setup, users will be able to click on a Support icon and directly enter a code provided by our Support team, at which point their screen will be immediately shared for assistance by a ScreenScape expert.

ScreenScape Digital Signage - Support screen



Who will receive the update?

  • Customers purchasing new Windows based media players from ScreenScape will receive this latest update pre-installed.
  • All customers currently using Smart Player for Windows will see an automatic download of the update when it is released. No action required.
  • There is no update for customers using the Android-based Connect device, or customers still using our older Browser Player software. No action required.

Release Date

Our Engineering team is putting it through its final paces now. In the meantime, you can always find up to date information on ScreenScape’s status and maintenance schedule at trust.screenscape.com