Finding the help you need just got easier.

Alongside a host of new product enhancements released this week we have also made a number of improvements to our support portal. Our support portal is meant to be a one-stop online destination for members of ScreenScape to get help.

Be sure to choose a solution that suits the needs of your business. We will not hesitate to use this section of our Support Portal to identify specific solutions that have worked well for us in laboratory testing. However, ScreenScape is not affiliated with any one vendor of hardware solutions, our displays are designed to work with industry-standard technology, and any recommendations we make should be taken simply as leading examples.

2. Streamlined Navigation.

The features and functionality of ScreenScape have grown significantly in scope. In order to make it easier to browse our self-service help pages we have organized them by topic. Use the breadcrumb trail at the top of each page to navigate the various sections of the knowledge base.

Go to our support portal.

The two main highlights of this work are as follows:

1. Recommendations page for help in procuring a display appliance to host your ScreenScape-powered display.

ScreenScape is an online service that delivers your display over the Internet to a computer running a standard web browser equipped with Adobe Flash Player. This computer is what we refer to as a display appliance. While all customers should understand the basic hardware requirements for running a ScreenScape-powered display, the optimal display appliance solution for your business will ultimately depend on a variety of factors. For convenience we provide general guidance for three different kinds of solutions: Economy, Professional, and Full service.