Is your Digital Signage Network on a Burning Platform?

If you are a provider of professional digital signage solutions nothing could be more important to your business than betting on the right technology platform. Investing in a technology platform is a little like climbing a ladder….once in a while you should check to see that your ladder is on the right wall! To be successful you need a technology backbone that is cost-effective, future proof and scalable. You also need a business partner that understands your needs and has the financial backing to ensure its long term success.

We feel that ScreenScape offers network operators all of the above and more. If you feel that you may be building your business on a “burning platform” we would like to cordially invite you to consider switching to ScreenScape. New customers like Procter & Gamble, Meineke, and AIMIA are proof positive of the momentum we are gaining as the new leaders in place-based media

Special offer for Network Operators ready to switch to ScreenScape

We encourage you to discover the benefits of a truly network-centric approach to building digital signage networks that can help you to grow faster and lower your operating costs. If you’re willing to make a significant commitment to ScreenScape we’ll even share some of the switching costs. Network operators like Hearing News Network, Wakefield Canada, Synergy Screens, Optometry News Network, and many more have already made the switch and, along with thousands of other members of the ScreenScape Community, they are helping the platform to gain even more momentum. If you’re wondering what makes ScreenScape different and looking for reasons why a switch to ScreenScape is a move to a more stable, more progressive platform, read on.