New Customer Support Hours

Our customer support hours have recently been extended to better serve our customers!

ScreenScape Customer Support is happy to provide assistance during the following hours:

Monday – Thursday 7:00AM to 8:00PM Eastern
Friday 7:00AM to 5:00PM Eastern

Don’t forget you can also visit our support site for helpful articles or our YouTube Channel for videos.


YouTube Advisory – ScreenScape Digital Signage

If you are using YouTube videos in your ScreenScape display, please be advised:

A recent change by the Google team to the proprietary YouTube player has introduced unstable behavior when playing YouTube videos.

Users affected by this error may observe a black screen when playing attempting to play YouTube videos inside the Smart Player (v1) application. The black screen condition may persist for up to 44 minutes, after which the Smart Player will recover and continue. The condition re-occurs at each instance of YouTube content in a playlist.

Google is aware of this issue and is working on a resolution. In the interim, if you observe this condition ScreenScape recommends that you remove all YouTube content from your playlist (‘Unpublish from display’) and reboot your media player.

Another solution is to use hosted video templates. Using hosted videos instead of YouTube is a better choice for your ScreenScape display. Hosted videos require less bandwidth, will play online or offline, and are free of advertisements

Have questions? Please contact ScreenScape Support for advice or assistance.

ScreenScape for Financial Service Organizations

ScreenScape is a place-based media service that gives financial organizations the ability to engage, educate, and influence their audience in their branch locations. ScreenScape is also the only digital signage service built as a social network, which allows members to create strategic marketing relationships with other members, effectively allowing them to reach a new audience outside the walls of their business; perfect for attracting NEW clients!

ScreenScape is ideal for displaying messaging designed to build your brand and promote products and services. By the time a customer makes it to a representative, they’ve already been educated and can have a more informed and productive conversation.

Join ScreenScape Account Executive, Adam Deakon and his guest Frank Chisholm Director, Marketing at Mennonite Savings and Credit Union as they demonstrate how MSCU is using ScreenScape for in-branch communications.

This event is now over.

ScreenScape Digital Signage for Automotive Industries

ScreenScape digital signage for the automotive industry is an affordable and easy way to increase visitor engagement at your dealership or aftermarket parts department.

Show off the latest models or announce special events and promotions, such as oil changes or winter tire changes, at your location with ScreenScape’s professionally designed templates. Anyone can create a great looking Display in no time at all – without the need for special training or costly extra resources!

Check out the video below to see just how simple it is to use ScreenScape:

ScreenScape Digital Signage for Campuses

Using a ScreenScape Digital Display is a great way to inform students of events happening on campus, news items, and announcements. Our professionally designed templates make it easy and quick to get your message across to a large audience!

Join University of Waterloo, McMaster University, Utah State, College of DuPage and many more who are already using ScreenScape on campus to engage students and faculty to create their own campus TV.

Being a part of the growing ScreenScape Community enables you to partner with other groups and members to deliver your message to an even bigger audience.

Here’s a 5 minute video introducing you to ScreenScape and showing you how to create an attractive and engaging digital display for your campus in just a few steps: