Website marketing, or internet marketing, is essentially the promotion of products or services via a broad range of online methods and is generally consumed in private. Digital place-based marketing, like that provided by ScreenScape, on the other hand, delivers venue-specific content that happens right at the place of business.

Advertising vs. Selling

Successful web marketing is mostly about winning the battle of discovery and research, and does not necessarily provide the consummate buying moment, whereas successful place-based marketing is actual sales at a public venue. Big difference!

Working at your desktop or tablet computer is a personal, generally solitary experience, and advertising is an interruption that may lead to annoyance when delivered at inopportune times.
When it comes down to it, actual e-commerce transactions only account for a small portion of the overall economy.

Seventy percent of all purchasing decisions are made on location where products are bought and sold, as per POPAI, The Global Association of Marketing at Retail. Place-based media is out in the open, takes place between strangers and offers help in making a buying decision just when you need it. A business that provides a timely value proposition is seen as helpful, instead of disruptive. Place-based media also builds on the age-old relationship of the merchant and the customer and encourages just-in-time engagement without the need for tracking. This in turn solves any privacy issues.

Integrating Web Marketing and Place-Based Marketing

The intersection of web-based marketing and place-based media is in the area of location-based marketing and blending online with offline strategies

Foursquare, for example, is a location-based social networking website where a community of users check in to a specific place upon arrival using their mobile devices, and it will notify their friends and connected social networks. One way this could be used is by having promotions that are unlocked upon check-in that could then be used at the place of business (for example, a discount on a menu item at a restaurant). Other options could include providing perks for frequent shoppers or diners, additional points for checking in during a specific campaign, or providing some sort of branded badge as part of a larger overall loyalty program.

Screenscape allows for the integration of these online and offline strategies by providing a medium for venue operators to promote their Foursquare campaigns on site.

Of course there will still always be a need for web marketing. Eventually online and place-based media will all become integrated, but the key missing piece is actually using the intelligence of internet marketing where it matters most – out in public and at the point of sale.

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