If you’ve been reading our blog you’ve heard us wax ad nauseum about the power of place-based media and the merit of the new approach we at ScreenScape have taken to make it easier and more cost-effective. But what do our customers have to say? Here’s a video that allows you to hear directly from some of those that aren’t on the payroll….and that have the experience necessary to tell you what ScreenScape is really like.

Take a few minutes to watch and see what the ScreenScape Customer Experience is all about.

The places we shop, dine, live and play serve as powerful filters in the sales & marketing process. Place-based media is a proven, effective way to engage customers in the real world where and when it matters most. Discover a new power of place enabled by ScreenScape and start aligning your marketing around your actual real world selling processes. After all your most important customers are the one’s shopping for your product right now and the most cost-effective way to grow your revenue starts by focusing on them.