With so many interesting members of ScreenScape spread around the globe it is darn near impossible to determine a “most spectacular” display. These five all represent clever ways of using ScreenScape and many feature great content. In the spirit of fun we present to you five of our favorite ScreenScape displays from 2010.

Lukes Lobster

Luke’s Lobster – New York City’s freshest, most affordable lobster roll, straight from the docks of Maine. Luke’s has ScreenScape running in their NYC locations and makes great use of not only promoting their fresh lobster rolls, but a peek into the Maine lobster fishing industry. Their customers get a glimpse of sea life and get that mouth watering started before they even get their food. Our founder has eaten there and found the rolls delicious…and that’s some serious creds from someone who lives on Prince Edward Island! Their display: Yummm!

Medicine Hat Source for Sports

Medicine Hat Source for Sports is partnering with Bauer for some of their content. Bauer has been able to quickly build an enterprise network and update content from a central account. The Source for Sports display has great professional content that keeps their customers entertained and educated about the latest products, and also promotes local sports organizations. Their display: professional. To learn more about how Bauer and Source for Sports are teaming up with ScreenScape to lift sales go here.

Greater Peoria Crime Stoppers

What a great way to use ScreenScape to create awareness within the Peoria community. The Greater Peoria Crime Stoppers is putting a stop to crime by displaying crime information to residents of Peoria in common gathering locations such as bus stops. They are also able to extend their reach into surrounding cites by collaborating with other ScreenScape members to promote their content. Their display: technology taking a bite out of crime.

Waterloo Airport

We love how they are relaying important information to passengers and using their screen to promote services, new flight schedules, and helpful tips for travelers. This is definitely the case of digital sign with a purpose. We can wait to see how their display will evolve with the addition of local and regional advertisers. Their display: entertainment in transit.

The Pumphouse Grill Co.

The Clarkson and Port Credit Pump has been an active member of ScreenScape. They’ve created their own advertising network for their 2 bars called the Pump TV. Local advertisers can get their ads in the Pump for a nominal monthly fee and they offer creative services too! They’ve made their ScreenScape display a source for custom content that appeals to their local audience, and created more interaction and awareness for not only their specials but awareness for local advertisers too. Their display: a local success story.

Honourable mention: Precision Tune Autocare. Simply put…ScreenScape has been a ‘home run’ for Precision tune. Find out why.