Here’s a few tips to help you create professional looking displays with

Use plenty of white space around your images to allow for more flexibility with the cropping tool.

Not all templates are created equal. By adding plenty of white space to the top and bottom of your logo, you will find that it works in more templates. The same is true for any image with a white background.

Make sure the image you are using is large enough.

Go high rez! We recommend at least 1366 pixels wide and 768 pixels tall for most full screen designs. This will help to ensure images look great on the big screen.

Online video is a fantastic way to make your display more dynamic.

YouTube, for example, is a great resource to find content. Find a template that uses YouTube and choose the channel option to keep your display up to date with fresh content.

Pick a theme and go with it!

Some templates are related…like members of the same family. By using a variety of templates in the same family you can create a coherent look and feel that makes your display say “professional!”. This tourism display uses similar templates to convey a distinct theme.

Logo, logo, logo.

Splashing your brand on all the templates possible will help create a uniform look & feel.


If you want to create an ad for, say a special price on Pantene shampoo, why not browse YouTube to see if there is a video or commercial for Pantene which you can use to precede or follow your own custom promotion. Using templates in combination is a great way to give your display more narrative. It’s all about communication!

Be inspired!

Watch our Twitter feed for links to great sample displays and more tips for creating beautiful and compelling content! Got your own great example? Tweet us a link!