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ScreenScape has launched Trivia Apps for its digital signage platform

Trivia Apps

May 28, 2019


We released more media apps this week, this time in the form of Trivia apps.

An image showing the Trivia Apps thumbnails

We’ve released 12 apps so far. 8 of them are Infotainment and of those, 4 are Trivia (General, Film, Cars and Music). What’s coming next? Along with some more technical apps (spoiler: Webview), over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing a ton more trivia.

Here’s the list of what’s coming: Film Trivia, General Trivia, Automotive Tips, Inspirational Quotes, Movie Quotes, Song Quotes, Literature Quotes, History Trivia, Health Trivia, Literature Trivia, Sports Trivia, Food&Drink Trivia, Science Trivia, Film Trivia, Geography Trivia, Entertainment Trivia.

An example of a Trivia Apps screen template

Boy will we have a lot of Infotainment apps. Why so many?

Trivia, jokes and quotes are fun, sure. But their purpose is to give your audience’s eyes a reason to keep returning to the screen. Mix these fun items in between your more serious content – ads, info, KPI’s, etc. Keep them engaged with the light stuff; it gives your core message a chance to sink in. That’s the whole point of digital signage after all.

So we’ve added trivia categories to cover all ages and interests. Use as many or as few as you’d like. It’s all about engagement, and every audience mix is different. Each trivia app has hundreds of Q&A’s behind it; whatever your audience it will take a long time for any member to see the same one twice.

Every Infotainment app has a matching template. Apart from ready-made design, their main advantage are purpose built animations that ‘reveal’ the answer after a few seconds. Feel free to use either incarnation – template or app.