Recently we announced a partnership with Canada’s public broadcaster, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, that makes digital news feeds provided by CBC/Radio-Canada available to ScreenScape customers on a very cost-effective basis.

image of cbc enriched playlist

Announcing the CBC Try & Buy Program

Today we’re pleased to announce a very special offer to ScreenScape customers looking to add some compelling, professional video content to their playlist. Effective today you can request a free preview of CBC feeds and enjoy an entire month of free service before having to make a decision as to whether or not you’d like to pay monthly to continue to use these feeds to spice up your ScreenScape display. We call it the CBC Try & Buy program.

CBC feeds include dynamic, daily curated, short video clips, available in both English and French, which can be customized and delivered directly to your ScreenScape screen, in the following categories: Top News, World News, Canada News, Sports, and Arts & Entertainment. In the comprehensive category you’ll find even more selection: Business News, Health News, Politics, Regional News, and a range of individual sports feeds.

Normally, CBC feeds are priced at $10 USD per device per month for the standard package, and $20 USD per device per month for the comprehensive package. Under the terms of our new Try & Buy program you can turn on either package and enjoy free service for a month before making any decisions. How cool is that?


Ok, so now you’re probably wondering what’s the catch? While there really is no catch, there are a couple of caveats to the program. The new CBC digital news feeds available on ScreenScape do have minimum system requirements. Whether you are using a legacy Windows-based PC or the new ScreenScape Connect device, you do need to be on the latest version of our player software in order for these feeds to work….so naturally to take advantage of the CBC Try & Buy Program you must be on the latest and greatest version of our software. If you aren’t sure if you’re on the latest version of our software you can contact our support desk and we’ll help you figure that out.

The second caveat is very simple….while there is no limit to the number of screens that can use the feeds under this program, each ScreenScape customer has only one chance to activate the free preview. You can take advantage of the CBC Try & Buy program and enjoy an entire free month of service only once.

How to order

If you are an existing member of ScreenScape using the latest version of our software and you would like us to enable your account so see the new CBC templates and begin using them in your own playlist instantly please contact us NOW by completing this webform.

Enjoy the great content from CBC!