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Try our Youtube Digital Signage Template

Media Corner is a series of ScreenScape5 video tutorials for our users who are interested in learning the in’s and out’s of our digital signage software. In this episode we’ll be showing you around our Youtube template.

A Subscription to ScreenScape includes dozens of pre-built templates

When a user starts making a new display for their digital signage they can start from scratch and build up their design or they can start by selecting one of the many available professionally-designed prebuilt templates. Each of these templates is designed with a specific goal in mind and serves as the structural guide for how the various images, videos, text and data elements, if any, will be organized. That said, they are also completely adaptable, so if you want to add some text, replace an image, add your logo or what have you, go right ahead and make them your own.

The Youtube Template

In this post we’re talking about the template you would select if you wanted to feature a Youtube video. While the template is designed to feature a Youtube video there is nothing stopping you from adding a background image or adding text, for example. In fact there are endless configuration options available to get your digital display looking perfect.

How To Use It

Using the new Youtube template is easy. Once you’ve selected a Youtube template you will want to start by replacing the sample video in the Youtube layer.  Select the layer and then copy and paste the url (web address) of your own Youtube video over that of the sample video.  From there you can choose where to place the video, or you can choose to leave it full screen. We’ve made the process of posting your Youtube videos as simple as possible so even if you’ve never logged into ScreenScape5 before you’ll be able to master this in no time.

We hope you enjoy our new template and you can expect even more templates every other Tuesday as we find new ways to make your digital signage even better.

If you run into any issues let our support team know and we’ll make sure your new Youtube template works for you.

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